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64 bit (x64, amd64, x86-64)
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Ubuntu EducationPack Overview

The distribution out of the box provides a fully customized solution aimed at covering requests for educational institutions of all levels from preschool to university (junior, middle and high schools, lyceums, colleges, as well as higher educational institutions such as institutes, universities and others).
The distribution includes a wide selection of pre-installed educational programs that are successfully used in different countries, covering such topics as: mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, geography, development, programming, electronics, graphics, video, music, multimedia, games for children’s development , memory training, language learning.
Teacher-oriented tools for organizing the educational process are also included.
It is perfect for installation on computers that have a limited Internet connection or are located in a closed corporate network of an educational institution. It contains tools for deploying diskless workspaces for students.
Considering that a large number of educational programs are also available for Windows, the distribution package comes pre-installed with the WINE package, which will allow you to run them.

The kit includes various software for education

Of them:

  1. control of student computers by the teacher;
  2. online management and training system; collective teaching, learning and testing;
  3. creating class schedules for educational institutions to distribute the load on teachers;
  4. a set of administrative programs for schools;
  5. educational games for children from 2 years old (development of memory, attention);
  6. programs for studying:
    – algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, geography, astronomy, drawing, music
    – electronics, engineering graphics, 2D and 3D graphics, working with video and audio, etc.;
  7. visual development environments for programming languages ​​in Basic, Pascal, Delphi / Lazarus, C/C++, C#, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, LISP, Mono / .NET;
  8. powerful mathematical packages that are not inferior in functionality to commercial analogues – Maxima, Scilab, Octave;


  1. dynamic geometric environment; solving and plotting mathematical expressions; computer algebra system (CAS);
  2. a package of applied mathematical programs that provides a powerful environment for engineering (technical) and scientific calculations;
  3. drawing and calculations of chemical structures; viewing macromolecules and preparing their images for publication; editor of chemical schemes and reactions;
  4. schematic creation of electronic circuits, graphic simulators of computer networks and electrical circuits;
  5. digital oscilloscope; design of electronic devices and printed circuit boards;
  6. work with electronic maps (GIS);
  7. programs for training memory, hearing, vision.

Two editions have been prepared : full (5.3 Gb in size) and a stripped-down version with fewer pre-installed programs (4.4 Gb in size) intended for recording on DVD media.

Main system version 5.3 GB (operating system + 157 pre-installed applications):

Reduced edition 4.4 Gb for DVD media – it does not contain:

To reduce the size to 4.4Gb, the following were removed from the main disk:
wine – a tool for launching Windows programs
lazarus – a visual application development environment on Free Pascal
tuxpaint – drawing for children
LanguageTool – checking grammar, spelling and style in LibreOffice

File Information

Year of Release : 2024
Version : 18.04
Tablet : Not required
Interface language : Multilingual
Platform: PC
Architecture : 64 bit (x64, amd64, x86-64)

System Requirements

CPU: Intel or AMD
processor HDD: 40G minimum
RAM: 512M minimum
Disc type: DVD / USB

What's new

  1. The Ubuntu EducationPack distribution is built on the basis of Ubuntu*Pack 18.04 with the GNOME LikeWin interface;
  2. for convenience, includes two versions of LTSP (fifth generation LTSP5 - 5.18.12 and new LTSP 23.01);
  3. iTalk replaced by Veyon;
  4. added: vokoscreen, numptyphysics, goldendict, pinta, xournal, google-earth, scratch, fet, qelectrotech, lazarus;

and other smaller changes.


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