Astra Linux Special Edition
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x64 architecture
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Astra Linux Overview

OS Astra Linux Special Edition based Debian 12 (buster).
Astra Linux Special Edition has successfully passed a set of tests in the certification system of the information security system FSTEC of Russia at the first, highest level of trust. The product fully complies with the most stringent criteria set out in the “Information Security Requirements Establishing Levels of Confidence in Technical Information Security and Information Technology Security Tools”, as well as in the “Information Security Requirements for Operating Systems” and in the “Operating System Security Profile”. Type A systems of the first protection class. IT.OS.A1.PZ.” The solution can be used in IT systems that process any information with limited access, including state secrets of “special importance” – this is evidenced by certificate of conformity No. 2557, reissued on 10/07/2021.

Distribution update history

Added extended repository and documentation

File Information

Year of Release : 2024
Version :
Developer : RusBITech-Astra LLC
Developer website :
Interface language : English + Russian
Tablet : not required
Architecture : amd64

System Requirements

Recommended system requirements:: *
processor with x64 architecture (AMD, Intel);
* RAM – at least 4 GB;
* amount of free disk space – at least 16 GB;
* DVD reader or USB port;
* standard monitor;
* compatibility with equipment.

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