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6.00.03 [2019-2023]
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6.00.03 [2019-2023]
Windows x64
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V-Ray for SketchUp 6.00.03 [2019-2023]

V-Ray for SketchUp is a rendering system developed by Chaos Group. The first beta version of the V-Ray renderer appeared back in 2000. V-Ray works as a plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, Rhino, TrueSpace7.5, Autodesk Maya, as a separate module for Standalone, Blender.

V-Ray for SketchUp 6.00.03 [2019-2023] Features:

  • Ray-Tracing Rendering Engine: Utilizes advanced ray-tracing techniques to achieve photorealistic lighting, reflections, and shadows.
  • Real-Time Rendering: V-Ray Vision provides interactive real-time visualization of the scene, allowing users to make instant adjustments.
  • Post-Processing Options: Offers a range of post-processing tools to fine-tune renders within the plugin.
  • NVIDIA AI Denoiser: Uses AI-powered denoising to reduce render times while maintaining image quality.
  • Interactive Camera: Adjust camera settings in real-time to frame the perfect shot.
  • V-Ray Material Library: Contains a vast selection of pre-built materials for various surfaces and textures.
  • Material Editor: Customize and create materials with advanced control over parameters.
  • Physical Camera: Simulates real-world camera settings, including exposure, shutter speed, and depth of field.
  • Global Illumination: Achieves realistic lighting by simulating the interaction of light in the scene.
  • Adaptive Dome Light: Efficiently calculates image-based lighting for faster renders.
  • V-Ray Sun and Sky: Provides a realistic natural lighting system for outdoor scenes.
  • Interactive Light Mixing: Blend different light sources interactively for precise control over lighting.
  • IES Light Profiles: Use real-world IES light profiles for accurate lighting simulations.
  • V-Ray Proxy: Load high-poly models as lightweight proxies to optimize rendering performance.
  • GPU Rendering: Harness the power of compatible GPUs for faster rendering.
  • Distributed Rendering: Distribute render tasks across multiple machines to speed up rendering.
  • V-Ray Clipper: Create section renders by clipping geometry in real-time.
  • GPU Volume Rendering: Render volumetric effects efficiently using GPU acceleration.
  • Fur and Hair: Create realistic fur and hair effects with V-Ray’s hair shader.
  • Aerial Perspective: Simulate atmospheric effects for more believable outdoor scenes.
  • VR Ready Rendering: Produce high-quality renders suitable for virtual reality applications.
  • Toon Shader: Apply non-photorealistic rendering styles with the Toon Shader.
  • V-Ray Frame Buffer: View and adjust renders directly in the V-Ray Frame Buffer.
  • Physical Material: Simulate real-world materials with accurate lighting interactions.
  • V-Ray Distance Texture: Use distance textures for dynamic material effects based on proximity.
  • Caustics: Achieve realistic light focusing and refraction effects on surfaces.
  • Matte Shadow Catcher: Capture shadows on a transparent background for compositing.
  • Displacement: Add depth and detail to surfaces with displacement mapping.
  • V-Ray Cloud: Access cloud rendering for offloading complex renders.
  • V-Ray Metropolis Light Transport: Achieve more accurate lighting in complex scenes.
  • V-Ray Camera Lister: Manage multiple cameras and settings in one place.
  • Cryptomatte Support: Easily separate and manipulate objects in post-production.
  • Lens Effects: Add lens effects like bloom and glare for cinematic looks.
  • Triplanar Mapping: Easily apply textures without UV mapping for certain objects.
  • Physical Camera Presets: Utilize camera presets for various real-world cameras.
  • Light Cache: Accelerate render times with efficient light caching.
  • GPU Noise Level: Control GPU noise to balance quality and render times.
  • AOVs and Multi-Pass Rendering: Output separate render passes for post-production control.
  • Render Elements: Generate separate render elements for compositing.
  • Camera Match: Match the 3D view to a photograph for accurate scene integration.

File Information:

Year of release : 2023
Version : 6.00.03
Developer : chaos
Platform : 64bit
Interface language : English

System Requirements:

Minimum requirements:
SketchUp 2019
Windows® 10
Only IPv4 is supported, IPv6 is currently not supported
Intel 64, AMD64 or compatible processor with SSE4.2 support
Recommended requirements:
Windows® 10
16 GB RAM or more
Intel 64 , AMD64 or compatible processor with SSE4.2 support. Larger cache memory, higher memory bandwidth and more cores are better.

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