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SketchUp Plugins Collection Overview

This is a collection of plugins for SketchUp that either have minimal or no documentation, or have not yet been thoroughly tested. It also includes old plugins from a private archive, which will be updated one by one soon. Therefore, feedback from our community is always welcome. SketchUp plugins with AAA names like MindSight Studios or Lindale will have their own distribution page because they have a lot of documentation and it’s more informative this way (why it’s useful, how to use it). So first you will find tiny plugins and some new plugins here and maybe later on their own page on this tracker. This will reduce unnecessary spam as there are hundreds of tiny plugins for SketchUp, some of which have already been kindly requested by our community and blocked by RBS 1.0, 2.0, Ruby Encoder or Custom (like V-Ray Scrambler).

What’s Inside

  • Curic Studio v1.2.0 x64 Win
  • Shader Tech WrapR v2023.1 x64 Win
  • Dibac v1857.2.rbz
  • Estimator for SketchUp Estimator v2.3.0.rbz
  • Estimator for SketchUp Framer v1.3.1.rbz
  • Estimator for SketchUp Issue Tracker v1.0.rbz
  • Estimator for SketchUp PDFImport v2.0.14.rbz
  • Estimator for SketchUp Phases 4D v1.0.8.rbz
  • Medeek Engineering Inc. Medeek Electrical v1.4.2.rbz
  • Medeek Engineering Inc. Medeek Engineering v0.8.0.rbz
  • Medeek Engineering Inc. Medeek Foundation v1.9.8.rbz
  • Medeek Engineering Inc. Medeek Project v1.2.2.rbz
  • Medeek Engineering Inc. Medeek Truss v3.4.5.rbz
  • Medeek Engineering Inc. Medeek Wall v.3.6.0.rbz
  • Oob Cabinets v2.0.4.rbz
  • Oob Electrical v3.3.0.rbz
  • Oob Layouts v6.3.0.rbz
  • Oob Terrain v3.3.0.rbz
  • Regular Polygon Keyframe Animation v2.4.2.rbz
  • Renderiza CompoScene v2.0.9.rbz
  • Toh Rebars Reinforcing Steel v1.5.3.rbz
  • VBO Grids v2.0.5.rbz
  • VMS_Up SketchUp Wood Extensions v0.3.6.rbz


  • Uninstall the previous version.
  • Install the plugin.

File Information

Format : RBZ (.so)
Bit size : 32/64bit, ARM32/64
Interface language : English
Tablet : cured

System Requirements

• Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11
• Mac OS X 10+, 11+ (Big Sur), 12+ (Monterey), and 13+ (Ventura)
• Sketchup 2016/2017/2018/ 2019/2020/2021/2022/2023/2024

What's new

• Added Curic Studio v1.2.0
• Added Medeek Engineering Inc. Medeek Electrical v1.4.2
• Added Medeek Engineering Inc. Medeek Foundation v1.9.8
• Added Medeek Engineering Inc. Medeek Project v1.2.2
• Added Medeek Engineering Inc. Medeek Truss v3.4.5
• Added Medeek Engineering Inc. Medeek Wall v.3.6.0
• Added Oob Electrical v3.3.0
• Added Oob Terrain v3.3.0
• Added Renderiza CompoScene v2.0.9
• Added Toh Rebars Reinforcing Steel v1.5.3
• Added VBO Grids v2.0.5
• Fixed Oob Layouts v6.3.0
(A small change has been made to Oob.rb: line 2394 has been changed to correctly interpret the "Thickness" input parameter. Generated templates will now be facing up by default. If you don't like this change, you can change the script Ruby to the source code that was commented)

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