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Serif Affinity Designer Overview

Affinity Designer is the fastest, most user-friendly, and accurate vector graphic design software on the market today. Built from the ground up over five years, every feature, tool, panel, and option in this app is designed with creative professionals in mind. Through continuous innovation and improvement, a revolutionary application has been created that will change the way you work.

Serif Affinity Designer Features

  • The best tool for creating eye-catching illustrations.
    Used by professionals around the world as an essential tool for vector illustration, Affinity Designer continues to set the bar for professional creative apps. Precise curves, vibrant colors and superior performance deliver stunning results in every case.
  • Dazzling colors.
    Because color is a central component of composition, Affinity Designer has the widest color range. With support for all major formats, ICC profiles and the latest wide color gamut screens, you can rest assured that your projects will look great. And because filigree, smooth gradients are always dynamically updated on the page, the possibilities for user control are endless.
  • Precision when creating curves.
    When creating curves, the key is to use the professional, high-precision Pen tool, and when combined with intuitive modifiers, this tool will be key to your work. The ability to switch to the Knot tool or the corner tool in dynamic mode allows you to reshape, adjust, and adjust objects for perfection.
    Perfect geometry. It’s hard to describe the joy you’ll experience while working with fully customizable dynamic shapes in Affinity Designer. Not only do they offer incredible adaptive flexibility, but they now also feature automatic snap points to ensure geometric accuracy in everything you do.
  • Stabilization of brushes.
    Stunning new features like Rope and Window stabilizer modes let you create smoother, more precise curves you never dreamed of, all with the free-form Pencil tool and brush tools.
    Non-destructive operations. Naturally, you can combine shapes using Boolean operations, but is it possible to do this in a non-destructive way so that you can still move and edit the composite components? Thus, you have access to a number of important functions that you will not find in other applications.
  • Text that makes an impression.
    Whether you’re working with fancy text for headings or text blocks in frames after headings, you can add complex styles and ligatures, and you have full access to customization options for spacing, kerning, letter spacing, and more. You can convert text to curves at any time to give you full control over creating exquisite custom typography that gives your text more meaning.
  • A harmonious combination of capabilities for working with vector and pixel graphics.
    One of the most important aspects of Affinity Designer is the ability to instantly switch to working with pixels. Paint with a raster brush to add textures, apply masks, make pixelated selections, and even add layers of non-destructive adjustments. All without having to close the application.
  • Precision is fundamental.
    If you strive for perfection, then in the world of vector graphics, this means being able to create 100% accurate compositions in all cases, without exception. Affinity Designer gives you confidence and creative freedom while eliminating the possibility of mistakes.
  • Scaling up to over one million percent.
    Yes, you read that right. The power that lies within this application is mind-blowing. Yes, that means incredible speed, real-time adjustments, and ultra-smooth panning. But all of these benefits are most evident when scaling. Zoom in on the composition a little more and keep working!
  • Advanced capabilities when working with meshes.
    The possibilities for creating meshes are almost endless. Whether it’s a standard grid pattern or a full multi-plane perspective, you have full access to options to customize spacing, cells, spacing, angles, and more.
  • Precise guides and snapping.
    Positioning images or composition elements has never been easier with fully flexible guides and snap options. You decide what you want to snap to what, and the guides and measurements are displayed on the screen – when moving or transforming objects, all changes occur in real time.
  • View in Combo Screen and Outline Mode.
    With a simple keystroke, you can view your composition in wireframe view or even in split screen view if you prefer. This is the most efficient way to view all elements on all layers in a project. In addition, this mode takes the process of selecting the right target to a whole new level of efficiency in all cases, without exception.
  • Fully optimized for user interface design, websites and applications.
    If you specialize in designing eye-catching on-screen interfaces, then Affinity Designer has an amazing set of features designed to do just that. When working on UI design, UI design, or web layout projects, there’s nothing better than knowing you have a fully functional, professional application that includes a set of graphic design tools.
  • Pixel preview in dynamic mode.
    The perfection of pixel design is ensured by the ability to view your work in pixel mode. This feature allows you to view vector images in standard and Retina resolution, and get a real sense of what each element in your composition will look like once exported.
  • Dynamic symbols.
    Symbols allow you to include an unlimited number of instances of the same base object in your current project. When you edit one object, others instantly change. You can easily create multiple variations of symbols with a number of distinct attributes, or even create symbols within symbols, opening up the prospect of truly innovative ways to speed up your workflow.
  • Adaptive design.
    In Affinity Designer, there are no restrictions when setting absolute positions and sizes of objects – you can set the dependency of these attributes relative to the canvas or container within which they are located. This means that you can work in responsive design mode, which means that elements move and scale automatically depending on the size of the device.
  • Unlimited artboards.
    Arrange screens, pages, menus, and more in a single project on an unlimited number of artboards. You don’t have to worry about workflow efficiency with state-of-the-art memory management, so no matter how large or complex your project, program performance is never compromised.
  • Get professional-quality images for printing, displaying, or collaborating.
    At the core of Affinity Designer’s server technology is advanced file support. Support for all major image and vector file types is included, including full support for layered PSD files, so you can output documents directly for printing, displaying in a web browser, or sharing with other applications.
  • CMYK and spot colors for professional printing.
    Pantone color support, end-to-end CMYK color rendering, and ICC color management are just some of the app’s features. You can also open, edit, and output PDF/X files, set print overlay controls, use spot colors, and add bleeds, trim marks, and crop marks to create print-ready documents.
  • Division operations in user interface design, web design, and game design.
    Any number of objects, artboards, icons, buttons, logos, layers (or simply any drawn areas in your project) can be exported with one click in any resolution and file format you require. You can even specify different folder locations for different elements in the same document, and optionally automatically generate Xcode and Spine JSON assets from your compositions.

File Information:

Program version:
Official website: Serif (Europe) Ltd
Interface language: English, others
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been disinfected)

System Requirements:

  • Windows-based PC (64 bit) with mouse or equivalent input device
  • OS: Windows 11 / 10 May 2020 Update (2004, 20H1, build 19041) or later ( 64-bit )
  • GPU: Hardware GPU acceleration (Direct3D level 12.0-capable card); DirectX 10-compatible graphics cards and above
  • RAM: 8GB RAM recommended
  • HDD: 1GB of available hard drive space; more during installation
  • Ddisplay: 1280×768 display size or larger

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