Redshift for Cinema 4D, Maya, Houdini, 3DS Max 3.5.24

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Redshift Overview

Redshift is a powerful GPU-accelerated rendering tool built to meet the specific demands of modern high-performance rendering. Designed to support creative individuals and studios of all sizes, Redshift offers a powerful feature set and integrates with industry-standard computer graphics applications.

Redshift Features

The kit includes:
– Redshift 3.5.24
– Maxon App 2024.1.1
– Treatment
– Instructions

NO VIRUSES, TIME-TESTED. The crack does not contact anywhere and does not do anything with the system.

This crack imitates a license server (Like in Houdini). All you need is to strictly follow the instructions (If you can’t see the folders, enter the folder directly as an address in Explorer (ProgramData)
The crack works completely offline. This method does not require resetting the trial or anything like that: Install and forget.


⚠️ Important: first disable your antivirus software, otherwise files may be missing due to accidental deletion or false positives. I recommend using DefenderKiller Portable from Vlado. (DefenderKiller 12.1 Portable [Ru])

❗First, for complete confidence and subsequent guarantee of operability, if any, remove all previous installations: Maxon App, Redshift, Cinema 4D (Especially if pirated) (No need for other packages). It is enough to remove in the normal mode, through the control panel. The installation order is important – Cinema 4D; Redshift; Maxon App. Result – 3 packages installed.
(If there are any errors during the installation / removal process, then close the processes Red Giant Service.exe; mxredirect.exe; MxNotify.exe.)

Strictly follow the instructions slowly and calmly, step by step, this way you guarantee further operability.


0. Clean up traces (.bat file from Admin) and install Maxon App 2024.1.1.
1. Install Redshift 3.5.24. (Run _Automatic crack installation if you will use for Cinema 4D 2024).
2. When finished, blue will start, then put RLM on the top right, OK.
3. Enjoy life


1. Install Cinema 4D UP TO version 2024.2 inclusive!! -> Maxon App 2024.1.1 -> Redshift 3.5.24 (Or any other package). Close Maxon App after installation.
2. Copy the Flexlm folder to drive C.
3. Run the Register.reg file and click OK.
4. Copy client.lic and redshift-core.lic from the PDMR folder to the C:\ProgramData\Maxon\RLM folder. If the RLM folder does not exist, create a new one.
5. Copy version.dll from the PRS folder to the C:\Program Files\RedGiant\Services folder.
6. Copy VC.dll, VCRUNTIME140.dll, and version.dll from the EXE folder to the C:\ProgramData\Redshift\bin folder.
7. Copy VC.dll, VCRUNTIME140.dll, and version.dll from the EXE folder to the C4D 2024 folder: C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D 2024
8.1. (3DS Max: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 20xx
8.2. Maya: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya20xx\bin\
9. Run CGHotman_Redshift_Server.exe in the C:\Flexlm\RLM_Redshift_LicServer folder as Admin, wait for the execution to complete (lasts 3-10 seconds) and then run start_rlm_Redshift.bat.
10. Run Samozapryaz.bat to automatically start the background mode every time you turn on your computer. This allows you not to start the CGHotman server every time, which is located at C:\Flexlm
11. Enjoy life.

✳ As a bonus, Red Giant Plugins (Magic Bullet Suite, VFX, Trapcode, Universe) also work in the latest version of AE. That is, in fact, you get Maxon One for Free and forever, without requiring an Internet connection. This means it should work the same way with ZBrush, I haven’t checked. You can also find these kits in the TRY tab.


Question – I have an error! Devices not available! Failed Communicate to server! (Error: -17)
Answer – Make sure that the CGHotman server is enabled.

Question – When I launch the blueprint, the License Manager window pops up and says that I have no licenses!
Answer – In that same License Manager window, click on the Maxon App (Curtain) in the upper right corner and select RLM Server, then OK. The blueprint will start. (And if it requires Server; Port, etc. – Make sure that CGHotman_server is running in the Task Manager)

Question – Some files are missing! There is no such folder!
Answer – The files were most likely shamelessly gobbled up by your antivirus. Turn it off or remove it from the system via DefenderKiller from Vlado. If any folder is missing, make sure you are on the right path (the ProgramData folder is hidden by default by the system. Enter the address manually in Explorer as a link.)

Question – I followed the instructions CLEARLY and CALMLY, but when I launch it, the blueprint still does not start/requires some server for RLM/render does not work!
Answer – You clearly missed something. Follow the instructions again from point 4. (Turn off the CGHotman server in the Task Manager.)

Question – An error in Chinese appears when launching CGHotman_Server_Redshift.exe!
Answer – Run as Administrator.

Question – Error 0xC0000142 appears when launching blueprint!
Answer – Antivirus software is preventing work. Further work is impossible. Install blueprint over the installed one.

Question – CGHotman_server_redshift.exe starts and immediately disappears!
Answer – Antivirus prevents work, further work is impossible. Either one or the other. If even DefenderKiller does not help, try to remove it via Win 10 Tweaker. And if even Win 10 Tweaker does not help, then install assemblies from Sanlex with the initially missing defender and from Microsoft.

Question – I did not find the answer to my question.
Answer – Then ask it in this distribution and perhaps an answer to your question will be found. Or read the comments to the distribution, perhaps your question has already been discussed and resolved.

File Information

Program version: 3.5.24
Official website: link
Interface language: English
Treatment: included
Type of medicine: file replacement

System Requirements

Nvidia GPU Minumum 8 GB 1000-4000 series.
Windows 10-11
Nvidia driver minumum v.472.12+
Intel Core 4000+ Series (Minimum 4 Cores)
Amd Ryzen 1000+ Series (Minumum 4 Cores)

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