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Red Giant Universe Overview

Red Giant Universe is a package of 97 unique GPU-accelerated multimedia plug-in extensions for editors and motion graphics artists.
Used for work by directors, editors, VFX artists for video editing, media and film production.
A package of powerful plugins for professional creation of both individual visual graphic effects and animated graphics.
Used in programs: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas.

Universe package includes:
Motion graphics

Red Giant Universe Features

Universe Dashboard – A dockable dashboard brings all of Universe’s tools into one place, making it easy to learn and use the entire library of effects and presets.
Presets/Presets – Every tool in Universe includes presets to help you get started and give you professional results instantly.
allows you to add cartoon and comic-style effects to your footage.
Sketchify allows you to adjust the intensity of ink contour lines.
Use ink texture presets to add the look of concrete, crumpled paper, pencil, marker and more.
It works great with multiplying the Texturize Motion layer.
Control how smooth the colors should be.
Reduce the smoothing radius to create a posterized effect.
Enlarge it for a watercolor effect.
Change the color of your footage using the shadow, penumbra, and highlight options.
With the colorize amount function you can control the total amount of color.
Sketchify includes 21 fully customizable presets to help you create a cartoon look quickly.
Create chromatic washes and washes to create distorted looks and transitions.
ChromaTown allows you to add changing color distortions to your footage and moving graphics.
ChromaTown is a chromatic banding and blurring utility that breaks an image into colorized parts combined with various transforms.
It combines the power of directional, linear and radial blur with color separation in one place.
Use Chroma Style presets to switch between spectrum, tint, and color to find the look you want.
Control how chroma distortion starts and ends with a set of controls that include color, position, scale, rotation, lens distortion, and blur.
ChromaTown includes controls for falloff, tint, and alpha range so you can fine-tune the effect.
Adjust the quality by controlling the number of steps in color change.
ChromaTown includes 32 fully customizable presets to help you create chromatic distortion effects.
Box Bokeh
lets you add a square-shaped bokeh blur to your video footage and motion graphics.
Check out our tutorial to get started.
Adjust the blur amount to enhance the bokeh effect, and adjust the gamma to control the intensity of the blur.
Control the rotation of the bokeh shape to go from square to diamond.
Box Bokeh includes ten fully customizable presets to help you quickly add stylized bokeh effects.
Add a stretch cross transition between rollers to create a warp-like transition.
Universe Generators are a great resource for any video project.
They can provide visual filler between your clips, an animated background behind your titles, or even be layered on top of your videos to create interesting effects.
ELECTRIFY – give your video animated electrical effects.
The electrify plugin adds stunning lightning effects to images and videos by using the outline of the original image to create electrical effects.
Switch to a fractal noise source to create your own pattern without the edges of the image.
Or choose both options at the same time for maximum power!
Add extra shimmer with an animated matte texture.
ANALOG – give your footage the appearance of analog video.
The Analog plugin simulates color, noise, interference and CRT (CRT) effects to recreate the look of classic TV video.
Adjust simple controls like Phase, Filter, and Temperature to create a variety of looks and customize them to your liking.
Scan baselines, CRT points and squares can be added for a realistic CRT projection.
Use the new Universe 3D engine to measure screen curvature, reflections and more.
TEXTURIZE MOTION – Add animated textures to your footage to create stop-motion videos.
Choose from a library of 14 high-resolution animated textures to give your clips a special look.
Watch the video tutorial to learn more.
Adjust built-in rotation, zoom, and shake position to give your footage unique dynamics.
Integrate your own textures for unlimited possibilities.


Check here:

File Information:

Year of release: 2024
Official website: Red Giant
Bit depth: 64 bit
Interface language: English
Tablet: serial number + patch

System Requirements:

Universe requires a graphics card with at least 4GB of video memory per monitor to render UHD video.
For GPU acceleration, the following video cards are recommended:
Nvidia GeForce GTX 900 series (Maxwell) and higher
Radeon 200 series (Hawaii & Tonga) and higher.

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