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Maplesoft Maple Overview

Maple – software package, computer algebra system ( more precisely, a system of computer mathematics). It is a product of Watcom Products Inc., which since 1982 has been producing software products focused on complex mathematical calculations, process visualization and system modeling. The Maple system is designed for symbolic calculations, although it also has a number of tools for numerical solutions in quantum physics, differential equations and finding integrals. Possesses theoretically developed mechanical means. It has its own interpreted programming language, whose syntax is partially reminiscent of Pascal.

Maplesoft Maple Features

AI Formula Assistant
Get the formulas and equations you need with the help of powerful AI technology. In response to your search, you will get a choice of relevant options, explanations as to what each one is for and what the parameters represent, and an easy way to insert the selected formula into your document as a Maple expression.
Commands Just Got Easier
By popular request! With Maple 2024, you can call even unfamiliar commands correctly on the first try, without having to consult the help pages to get the right arguments in the right order. Just enter the command with the help of command completion, then automatic argument completion takes over to guide you through the rest.
Cutting Edge Complex Solvers
New cutting-edge algorithms enable Maple to find and approximate all complex roots of multivariate polynomial systems and guarantee the accuracy of the results, and to solve the univariate case significantly faster.
Check My Work
The Check My Work feature, which analyses each step of a student’s fully worked solution and helps them identify where they went wrong, has been expanded to also cover problems in factoring, simplification, and limits.
Simplify Made (Even More) Simple
The simplify command now expresses many trigonometric expressions more simply by using the full range of standard trig functions, rather than writing everything in terms of sin and cos.
Step-by-Step Solutions
The step-by-step solutions in Maple have been improved to provide even better worked solutions, especially for solving equations, and now handle even more problems.
Enhanced Signal Processing
New and improved signal processing tools let you manipulate, visualize, and explore signals in more ways, more efficiently.
Matroid and Hypergraphs
A new package for Matroids and Hypergraphs supports the thriving research field of Matroid Theory, an area of study with applications in graph theory, linear algebra, geometry, topology, network theory, and more
Scrollable Matrices
You can now browse the contents of large matrices directly inside your document, instead of launching a separate matrix browser.
Expanded Unit Support
Maple’s facilities for working with units are stronger than ever, with support for units in the Statistics package, faster operations on matrices containing units, and the addition of the IPS (inch-pound-second) system.
Key improvements include better handling of discontinuities in piecewise functions by default, and color bar support for many more 2-D and 3-D plots.
More Math, Faster Math
The math engine in Maple has been updated in countless ways so that it can solve more problems, faster.


1. Run Maple2024.0WindowsX64Installer.exe.
Make a note of the folder you chose for Maple (<maplefolder>).
During installation, select “License Type” – “Single User License”.
Refuse to update online in the “Check for updates” window.
At the end of the installation, cancel Activate Maple online.
2. Once all installations are complete, copy the License.dat file to the <maplefolder>\license folder.
3. Copy the Maple.dll file to the <maplefolder>\bin.X86_64_WINDOWS folder.

File Information

Release Year/Date : 2024
Version : 2024.0
Developer : Maplesoft
Developer Website :
Bit depth : 64bit
Interface language : Multilingual
Tablet : present

System Requirements

OS: Windows 10, 11; CPU: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 64-bit (x64); RAM: 4 GB; HDD: 10 GB
(OS: Windows Server 2022, 2019; CPU: 1.4 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 64-bit (x64); RAM: 4 GB; HDD: 10 GB)

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