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JetBrains DataGrip Overview

JetBrains DataGrip is an innovative software specifically designed to work with a variety of databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, HyperSQL, DB2, SQLite and many more. It is a complete package of tools that provides convenience and efficiency when working with data.
One of the key features is a multi-cursor text editor, which makes it easier to work with several sections of code at the same time. Syntactic highlighting improves the readability and understanding of query structure.
DataGrip supports various version control systems such as Subversion and Git, making it easy to collaborate on projects.
Generating code and working with databases becomes more efficient thanks to the functional tools provided as part of the program. The graphical interface makes it easy to create, modify and manage tables and columns using appropriate scripts.
Particularly useful is the ability to undo changes made by a generated DDL query, allowing you to return to a previous state of the database and continue working with your code.
Automatic code completion and intelligent context hinting significantly speed up the process of writing queries. The IDE is able to adapt to the database objects being used, providing appropriate hints and autocompletion.
Overall, DataGrip is a powerful tool for developers and data analysts that makes working with a variety of databases easier and increases productivity through its rich feature set and integration with major development tools.

JetBrains DataGrip Features

  • DataGrip is a multilingual database. If your DBMS has a JDBC driver, you can connect to it via DataGrip. It provides database introspection and various tools for creating and modifying objects for supported mechanisms:
  • Database Objects
    DataGrip analyzes all the objects in your databases and displays them in folders grouped by schema. It also provides an interface to add and edit tables, columns, indexes, constraints, etc.
  • Data Editor
    A powerful data editor allows you to add, delete, edit and clone data rows. Navigate through the data using external keys and use text search to find anything in the data displayed in the Data Editor.
  • Navigation
    Quick navigation takes you to an object, whether it was just created in your code or already read from the database. Going to the action symbol allows you to find objects by their name. Writing SQL

Like any decent IDE, DataGrip provides intelligent code completion, code review, live error highlighting, quick fixes, and refactoring capabilities. This saves you time by making the process of writing SQL code more efficient.

  • Smart Text Editor
    As with any IntelliJ IDE, DataGrip includes a code editor to help you be more productive. Transform and move blocks of code, use multi-cursors to control selection, format code to match a specific style, and much more.
  • Code Completion
    DataGrip provides context-sensitive, schema-aware code completion, helping you write code faster. Completion knows the table structure, foreign keys, and even the database objects created in the code you edit.
  • Code Generation
    Forget about writing typical code by hand: DataGrip does it for you. It generates code to modify objects such as tables, columns, etc. based on the user interface. Moreover, it helps you get DDL for tables and provides DML queries from result sets.
  • Code Analysis and Quick Fixes
    DataGrip identifies possible errors in your SQL code and suggests the best options to fix them on the fly. It will immediately inform you about unresolved objects, the use of keywords as identifiers and will always suggest you a way to solve the problem.
  • Refactor and find using
    DataGrip to correctly resolve all references in your SQL files. When you rename database objects from SQL, they will also be renamed in the database. You can quickly find which stored procedures, functions, and views use your tables.
  • Customize the look
    DataGrip comes with dark and light themes. Each of them can be fully customized, so you can create the one that suits you best. The same works for over ten pre-configured keymaps. Executing queries

The Query Console in DataGrip is a basic necessity for any SQL developer. Create multiple consoles, each with its own schema and query parameters.

  • Query Console
    Specify the console behavior for executing queries: select whether you want to execute the smallest statement or the largest.
  • Local History
    Each console supports schema switching and provides local history to keep track of all your activity, protecting you from losing any of your work.
  • Diff viewer
    Use the diff viewer to compare two console snapshots in local history or two query results. DataGrip highlights the differences between them and allows you to control the level of
    comparison criteria using the tolerance parameter. Import/Export Options

Import data from CSV or any DSV file. DataGrip also has a powerful mechanism for exporting data to various formats. You can even create your own export formats.

  • Import CSV
    Enjoy a dedicated user interface to import CSV and TSV files into your database. You can map each column of the imported file to a table column in your database, which can be an existing table or a new table created during the import process.
  • Export as text
    Any table or result set can be exported to a variety of formats, including CSV, JSON, XML, and HTML. You can even create your own export format.
  • Export as Queries
    Any table or result set can also be represented as a batch of UPDATE or INSERT statements, which can be useful for changing data. Miscellaneous Features

Among other things, DataGrip comes with support for custom options, a CSV editor, a chart builder, version control support, and many more features.

  • Custom Parameters
    DataGrip supports running parameterized SQL queries. Add your own parameter patterns using regular expressions and select the SQL dialects to which these patterns will apply.
  • VCS support
    DataGrip provides a unified interface to most popular version control systems, providing a consistent user experience across Subversion, Git and GitHub, Mercurial, CVS, Perforce and TFS.
  • Charts
    Explore your tables and their relationships with an insightful chart.

File Information

Program version: 2024.1.1
Official website: JetBrains
Interface language: English
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been disinfected)

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 10, 11 (x64 only)
RAM: 8 GB total system memory
Disk space: 3.5 GB and another 1 GB for caches
Monitor resolution: 1024×768
Disk space: SSD with at least 5 GB of free space
Monitor resolution: 1920×1080.


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