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iZotope Ozone Advanced For Mac Overview

Create the perfect listening experience with the most advanced collection of listening tools mastering.
Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on your next chart-topping hit or creating your first song,
Ozone 11 delivers advanced processing and AI-powered workflows.
With little effort, you can prepare your tracks for release and unlock the full potential of your products.

iZotope Ozone Advanced For Mac Features

New! Clarity :
-Meet your new favorite plugin. It makes it easy to produce a smooth master that sounds professional,
polished, and as loud as possible without sacrificing quality. Pull the cover off dull mixes without making them feel stiff.
Psychoacoustic Clarity processing.
Mid/Side and Transient/Sustain modes.
Selecting a scope.
Measuring the difference.
Delta monitoring.

New! Compression in Maximizer :
-Make your mixes loud while maintaining dynamics with Ozone’s smart limiter and the new Upward Compress module.
Soft Clip – increases volume while maintaining high-fidelity sound
Intelligent Release Control (IRC) modes respond to sound, reducing distortion and pumping.
Threshold Learn mode intelligently sets the volume to the LUFS target level.
True Peak detection mode allows you to avoid audio clipping after export.
Maximizer is available in Ozone Standard and Advanced versions.

Equalizer :
-Control the finest audio details with smooth metering and new HUD controls.
New Transient/Sustain mode.
Emulate classic analog EQs or modern digital models depending on your style.
Use the Mid/Side mode to correct frequencies in the side parts of the sound.
Enjoy smooth, fluid metering and a resizable window to see more of the sound.
The equalizer is available in Ozone Standard and Advance versions.

Impact :
-Enhance the rhythm and feel of your songs by intuitively controlling microdynamics with the new Impactt Module.
Multi-band microdynamic control.
Musical time envelope.
Delta mode, which allows you to hear only those frequencies that are cut or boosted,
Impactt Module is only available in Ozone 11 Advanced.

Stabilizer :
-Create balanced sound with the new Stabilizr module – an intelligent and adaptive mastering equalizer.
Adaptive tonal balancing in Shape Mode.
Automatic resonance suppression in Cut Mode.
Delta mode allows you to hear only those frequencies that are cut or boosted.
The Stabilizerr module is available in Ozone 11 Standard and Advanced.

Imager :
-Add natural stereo width to narrow mixes with Stereoize mode or enhance mono with Recover Sides.
New Transient/Sustain mode.
Recover Sides – reducing the width without losing stereo information.
Two Stereoize modes provide new opportunities for expanding the track.
Create a stereo image by expanding and contracting each range.
Control the width and phase of a stereo image with smooth metering.
Imager is available in Ozone Standard and Advanced versions.

Master Rebalance :
-Adjust the volume of drums, bass or vocals on any audio track, even in a mastered mix.
Master Rebalance works in real time… no need to render or bounce tracks.
Use DAW automation to add dynamics to areas of your composition with small gain changes.
Dual spectrometers allow you to see the overbalanced source compared to the rest of the track.
Master Rebalance is available in Ozone 11 Standard and Advanced.

Low End Focus :
-Get clean and punchy low frequencies and avoid artifacts from EQ and compression. “Punchy” and “Smooth” modes allow you to choose the right setting for punchy or sustained low frequencies.
New design and dimension.
Set the Border area to add or remove contrast anywhere in the low frequencies.
Use the Listen button to hear what is being removed and avoid over-processing.
Low End Focus is only available in Ozone 11 Advanced.

Spectral Shaper :
-Add instant polish and eliminate harshness with Spectral Shaping technology.
New design and measurement system.
The Light, Medium and Heavy settings offer different flavors of anti-aliasing.
Shape low, mid and high frequencies with adjustable boundary controls.
Listening mode lets you hear what parts of the sound you’re removing, which will help you find the perfect settings.
Spectral Shaper is only available in Ozone 11 Advanced.

Dynamic EQ :
-Equalize the boost and cut according to the dynamics of the sound.
Make subtle increases and decreases that only occur when frequencies are too loud or quiet.
Control threshold, attack and release, as well as frequency and gain.
More precise than a compressor and more subtle than a regular equalizer.

Exciter :
-Mix and match seven different distortion types to add warmth and character.
New Transient/Sustain mode.
Use different types of distortion such as Tape, Retro or Tube.
Add different distortion modes across multiple bands to create your own unique tonal balance.

Dynamics :
-The most versatile mastering engineer tool. Tame dynamic mixes and add energy to your tracks.
Compression can be performed in four ranges or using the Detection Filter mode.
Use self-timer mode for smooth, natural response.

Match EQ :
– An equalizer that uses over 8,000 individual bands to achieve the most accurate match to any reference track.
New region options now give you more control over the end result, allowing you to choose
which parts of the audio will match. Capture a reference track from a session or a reference file loaded into Ozone
and save your favorite results as presets for easy access.
Imprint a reference track and save time finding the right EQ balance with
this mastering engineer’s secret weapon.
Take a snapshot of a track in your session or from a reference track loaded into Ozone.
Use the edge controls to set which part of the spectrum you want to match.
Save your favorite shots as presets for subsequent sessions.

List of plugins

• Ozone
• Ozone Clarity
• Ozone Dynamic EQ
• Ozone Dynamics
• Ozone Equalizer
• Ozone Exciter
• Ozone Imager
• Ozone Impact
• Ozone Low End Focus
• Ozone Master Rebalance
• Ozone Match EQ
• Ozone Maximizer
• Ozone Spectral Shaper
• Ozone Stabilizer
• Ozone Vintage Compressor
• Ozone Vintage EQ
• Ozone Vintage Limiter
• Ozone Vintage Tape

File Information

Year of release : 2024
Date of release : May 07
Developer : iZotope
Developer website : iZotope
Platform : Intel | ARM
Architecture : x86 (64 bits) | AArch64
Bit depth : 64-bit only
Interface language : English
Tablet : Cured

System Requirements

macOS Monterey 12.6.8 or higher (64-bit only)


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