iZotope Nectar Advanced

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iZotope Nectar Advanced Overview

Nectar has a complete set of tools for mixing, producing and shaping vocals.
Discover new modules such as Auto-Level for consistency, Voices for layering vocals,
Backer for background singers and Vocal Assistant for simple and powerful processing.
Discover a set of powerful plugins for complete control over the sound of vocals.

iZotope Nectar Advanced Features

New! Audiolens :
– Audiolens is compatible with Nectar 4 and lets you match the tone of any vocal.
Separate vocals from a reference track and gain valuable insights to create a starting point for your mix.
New! Voices :
– Instant and convenient vocal layers: Find a preset similar to the sound you want and customize it to your liking.
Only available in Nectar 4 Standard and Advanced.
New! Auto-Level :
– ALM (Auto Level module) is an intelligent and transparent alternative to compressors.
ALM provides a stable volume level without the unwanted artifacts
that traditional compressors produce, resulting in a clean and natural sound.
Only available in Nectar 4 Advanced.
New! Backer :
– Create background parts that will sit behind the main vocal.
Choose from eight different styles or import your own acapella for additional sound customization.
Tweak demos with different vocalist variations, creatively destroy ad-lib tracks, or create something completely new.
Only available in Nectar 4 Standard and Advanced.
*Training is conducted in English only
New! 13 Plugin Components :
-Nectar Advanced comes with a powerful set of brand new plugins.
Integrate Nectar’s capabilities into your DAW template and create custom chains for each vocal in your project.
Only available in Nectar 4 Advanced.
New! Vocal-Assistant Page :
-The Vocal Assistant now provides a comprehensive interface that allows you to make simple and useful vocal production decisions without getting lost in the details of vocal mixing.

File Information

Year / Release Date : 2023
Developer : iZotope.
Developer’s website : iZotope
Format : VST3, AAX.
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : Cured

System Requirements

WIN 10+


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