You need Help?

Are you tired of installation or don’t know how to do it?

Don’t worry! Our specialists will help you to install any software on your system. Contact us on below telegram link:

Contact US

How much fee?  Why not free?

Price vary with complexity of software though services start from $10. We are giving our dedicated time to individuals to make out things work and asking fee for that is obvious.

How to make payment?

Payment accepted via paypal, cards and upi.

Need remote access to your computer?

Not necessary. But in some cases yes as its make things easier.

For remote access you can use AnyDesk

An example of a dialogue with a specialist?

User – Hello! I need help to install IDM. How much it will cost?

Specialist – Good afternoon! We will help you to install it in best possible way. Cost of installation is $10.

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