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6.10 Build 12918
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6.10 Build 12918
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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Overview

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro is an excellent program for monitoring the status of HDD/SSD media. Now more than ever, the information stored on them is important. I myself have repeatedly encountered cases where users did not make backup copies of important files, and then became very upset because of their loss. Think for yourself – work, family archives of photos/videos, as well as other information that is valuable can disappear in an instant. Nowadays they charge a lot of money for restoration, so it is better to prevent such situations – store copies on other devices and in cloud services. Hard Disk Sentinel will show you the health of your drives and tell you if any of them need to be replaced. There is a scheduler, reports, various tests. Save your files today.

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Features:

  • SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a technology built into most modern drives) for each hard drive. It also measures data transfer speed in real mode (this indicator can be used for testing or identifying cases of underrated performance in certain situations).
  • It works in the background and constantly analyzes the situation. If an error is detected or a threshold of certain parameters specified by the user is exceeded, a warning will be displayed. In most cases, it is SMART technology that comes to the rescue, since this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to track changes in particularly important or critical drive parameters.
  • As the size of hard drives constantly increases, the data stored on them becomes increasingly valuable to the computer user (especially to a company or office). In this case, serious problems may arise after the hard drive fails. Hard Disk Manager can monitor the health of hard drives, including temperature and SMART (self-testing, analysis and alerting technology built into most modern hard drives) of each drive. The program also measures the data transfer speed of the hard drive in real time, which can be used as a benchmark test or detect a possible hard drive failure or deterioration in its performance.
  • The program can be used to prevent serious damage or loss of data. The program warns the user if a problem occurs before it happens and gives the opportunity to backup important and valuable data. Hard Disk Sentinel runs in the background and constantly analyzes the health of your hard drive. If there is an error or unexpectedly detected behavior, the program alerts the user about the current state. Typically, the condition of a hard drive can slowly deteriorate day by day. SMART technology helps predict possible failure by monitoring critical disk values. The program also displays the current hard drive temperature and remembers previous temperatures, which can be used to check the maximum temperature when the hard drive is under heavy load.

File Information:

Program version: 6.10 Build 12918
Official website: HDS
Interface language: English and others
Treatment: not required(the installer has already been disinfected)

System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

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