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Google Earth Pro Overview

The world we live in is now at your fingertips! Google has released a new version of its software package called Google Earth Pro.
The application is designed to work with the service of the same name, which allows you to view satellite images of the planet Earth in 3D mode, using OpenGL technology.
There are functions for searching by addresses and objects. The seventh version has a simpler interface, as well as the ability to display some buildings in three dimensions.
In recent releases, it has become possible to use additional information layers and high-definition video recording functions.

Google Earth Pro Features

  • Google Earth automatically downloads the images and other data the user needs from the Internet, stores them in the computer’s memory and on the hard drive for further use. The downloaded data is saved on disk, and upon subsequent launches of the program, only new data is downloaded, which allows you to significantly save traffic.
  • To visualize the image, a three-dimensional model of the entire globe (taking into account altitude above sea level) is used, which is displayed on the screen using DirectX or OpenGL interfaces. It is in the three-dimensionality of the landscapes of the Earth’s surface that the main difference between the Google Earth program and its predecessor Google Maps lies. The user can easily move to any point on the planet by controlling the position of the “virtual camera”.
  • Almost the entire land surface is covered with images obtained from DigitalGlobe, which have a resolution of 15 m per pixel. There are certain areas of the surface (usually covering the capitals and some large cities of most countries of the world) that have more detailed resolution. For example, Moscow was filmed with a resolution of 0.6 m/pc, and many US cities were filmed with a resolution of 0.15 m/pc. The landscape data has a resolution of about 100 m.
  • There is also a huge amount of additional data that can be connected at the user’s request. For example, names of settlements, reservoirs, airports, roads, railways, and other information. In addition, for many cities there is more detailed information – street names, shops, gas stations, hotels, etc. There is a geodata layer (synchronized via the Internet with the corresponding database), which displays (with spatial reference) links to articles from Wikipedia. In Russia you can see the names of the streets of all cities in the central regions.
  • Users can create their own tags and overlay their images on top of satellite images (this can be maps, or more detailed images obtained from other sources). These tags can be shared with other users of the program through the Google Earth Community forum. Tags posted to this forum become visible to all Google Earth users after about a month.
  • The program has a “3D Buildings” layer, with three-dimensional models added by developers or users themselves through the 3D Warehouse service. In Russian cities you can find models of some significant architectural monuments.
  • There is a function for measuring distances.
  • Version 4.2 introduced Google Sky technology, which allows you to view the starry sky.
  • In version 5.0, the ability to view a three-dimensional map of the bottom of seas and oceans was introduced.
  • The program has a built-in flight simulator (to start, press Ctrl + Alt + a).

Pro Features:

  • View data layers for demographics, land area, and traffic (US).
  • Advanced GIS data import capabilities.
  • Measuring the area, length and perimeter of land plots.
  • Print screenshots in high resolution.
  • Create amazing offline movies.

File Information

Release Year/Date : 2024
Version :
Developer : Google
Developer Website : Google
Bit depth : 32bit
Interface language : Multilingual
Tablet : not required

System Requirements

Windows 7 – 11 (x86/x64)

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