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Internet Download Manager (IDM) Overview

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a convenient tool that allows you to increase download speed, supporting resuming and downloading on a schedule. IDM is a program that allows you to download software, music, movies much faster! Internet Download Manager has a built-in logical download accelerator that includes intelligent dynamic file segmentation and secure multi-layer download technology to help speed up downloads. A comprehensive error analysis system and the ability to resume downloading will help continue downloads that were interrupted due to loss of connection, network problems, or computer shutdown. A simple graphical interface makes IDM convenient and user-friendly. IDM can record and download videos from popular sites such like YouTube, Google Video, etc. After installing IDM, a “Download Video” button pops up every time you watch a video anywhere on the Internet. Just click on the button to start downloading clips.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Features

  • A powerful download manager
  • User-friendly interface
  • Categorized downloads
  • Perform specific actions after the download completes
  • Speed limiter for specific downloads while downloading
  • Support all web browsers with integration
  • Web pages crawl feature
  • Faster downloading speed

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ATTENTION!!! Since (unlike the original version) the program is integrated into browsers at the installation stage, it is possible for antiviruses to trigger FALSE positives.

  1. Does not require registration (patch pawel97 + keygen ADMIN@CRACK)
  2. Multilingual interface
  3. Optional installation of 35 additional toolbars
  4. Optional installation of IDM Backup Manager
  5. Selection when installing some program options:
  • Launch IDM when the computer boots
  • Launch IE browser control module
  • Show categories
  1. Minor edits to the program menu and dialogs
  2. Ability to install modifications to Glyfz 2016, iOS Line, Windows 10 (in addition to the additional toolbar, category icons, dialog icons and the main program icon have been changed, see screenshots)
  3. Picks up settings from an external settings file .reg
  4. The ability to pick up and auto-copy custom toolbars from the toolbars folder, if one is located nearby during installation, and it is also possible to autorun the toolbars.exe file, which may contain custom panels in the sfx archive.
  5. In addition to installation, there is an “Update” mode, in which the files of the new version are exclusively unpacked, WITHOUT any additional actions by the installer, changing user settings, registry entries (except for a few keys with the version number being updated), or installing additional components.

“Silent” installation with the /SILENT or /VERYSILENT keys (or the “Silent Install.cmd” file)
Creating a custom installation script with a selection of settings and components with the /SAVEINF=”setup.ini” key (or the “Create installation script.cmd” file)
“Silent” installation of the program according to a previously created installation script with the key /SILENT /LOADINF=”setup.ini” (or the file “Silent scripted installation.cmd”)
For a “silent” update of the program, the additional key UPDATE=1 (or the file “Silent Update. cmd”)

Browser Integration:

General instructions on the developer’s website:

For Google Chrome:

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • When prompted, allow installation of IDM integration.

If there is a problem with integration for Mozilla browsers (Firefox, Waterfox, etc.), install the extension manually.
In the program folder you have three files with the extension “.xpi”.
The extensions have the same name – idmmzcc.xpi and an additional number at the end: idmmzcc2.xpi and idmmzcc3.xpi
Select idmmzcc.xpi (no number) for Firefox versions 1.5 to 26 inclusive.
Select idmmzcc2.xpi for Firefox from version 27 to version 52 inclusive.
Select idmmzcc3.xpi for Firefox 53 and newer.

For Pale Moon:

  • Additionally added idmmzcc-palemoon.xpi (install the extension manually).

For Opera:

  • According to the attached instructions “___Opera integraton.mht”.

For Internet Explorer:

  • During installation, select the option “Run IE browser control module”
  • Enable the IDM integration add-on when prompted (you may need to restart the browser once if IDM does not intercept the download after clicking on the link).

File Information:

Program version: 6.42 Build 2
Official website: Tonec Inc
Interface language: English and others
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been disinfected)

System Requirements:

Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (32|64-bit)


Version Size Requirements Date
6.42.11 17.3 MB WIndows x32 / x64 08/06/2024
6.42.10 16.6 MB WIndows x32 / x64 06/05/2024
6.42.9 17.3 MB WIndows x32 / x64 26/04/2024
6.42.8 17.3 MB WIndows x32 / x64 23/04/2024
6.42.7 16.6 MB WIndows x32 / x64 25/03/2024
6.42.3 9.32 MB WIndows x32 / x64 16/01/2024