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Autodesk Maya 2024.2

Autodesk Maya is a cross-platform 3D graphics editor. The program has extensive functionality for 3D animation, modeling and visualization. Autodesk Maya is used to create animation, environments, motion graphics, virtual reality and characters. Widely used in cinematography, television and gaming industry.

Autodesk Maya is equipped with diverse tools for high-quality and convenient work with 3D. In the program you can find everything that a demanding modeler needs, as well as select your own algorithm of actions. It competently implements the function of visualizing finished models: the program is equipped with four built-in visualizers, and it is also possible to install various plug-ins, including V-Ray.

Autodesk Maya 2024.2 Features:

  • Advanced design of three-dimensional models
  • Simulate a variety of natural and environmental elements such as climate change, water and liquids, fire, plants, and …
  • Having a variety of tools for modeling and data management
  • The possibility of transferring the properties of one object to another object
  • Design Clothes, hair and sex, and different scenarios
  • Coordination with other software modeling and animating
  • Supports mathematical model NURBS (short for Non-uniform rational B-spline)
  • Ability to combine elements of two-dimensional and three-dimensional models
  • Ability to use scripting programming language and MEL (stands for Maya embedded language) and ++ C and Python in the development of software

File Information:

Year of release : 2023
Version :  2024.2 Build
Developer : Autodesk
Platform : Windows x64
Interface language : English / Chinese / Japanese

System Requirements:

• 64-bit version of Windows 10 or Windows 11 that complies with the policy Product Support Lifecycle
• Intel or AMD 64-bit multi-core processor with SSE 4.2 instruction set support • 8 GB RAM
(16 GB or more recommended)
• For a detailed list of recommended systems and video adapters, see the Maya Certified Hardware
article • 7 GB free disk space for installation
• To access online content, the latest version of one of the following browsers: Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
• Three-button mouse


Version Size Requirements Date
2025.1 5.64 GB Windows x64 23/05/2024
2025 5.64 GB Windows x64 01/04/2024