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Arnold for Houdini Overview

HTOA (Houdini to Arnold) connects SideFX Houdini and the Arnold renderer, allowing users to harness the power of Arnold directly within Houdini. Arnold, developed by Solid Angle (now part of Autodesk), is a high-performance, unbiased ray tracer known for its ability to create stunningly realistic images. HTOA integrates Arnold’s advanced rendering capabilities into Houdini’s procedural workflow, making it a popular choice among visual effects and animation professionals.

Arnold for Houdini Features

Fully integrated with the Houdini interface.
Supports all standard Houdini geometry, including particles, volumes, and VDB.
Advanced Rendering:

Unbiased, physically based rendering engine.
Capable of displaying complex scenes with high accuracy and realism.
Supports subsurface scattering, volumetrics, and hair rendering.
Nodal Workflow:

Uses Houdini’s powerful node architecture.
Provides flexible and procedural shading, lighting, and rendering workflows.
Custom Shaders and AOVs:

Extensive shader library, including custom shaders.
Supports arbitrary output variables (AOVs) for greater control over composition.
Multi-platform support:

Available on multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Efficiently handles heavy datasets and complex scenes.
Supports distributed rendering across multiple machines for faster results.

Intuitive interface and workflow designed to be comfortable for both beginners and experienced users.
Pipeline integration:

Easily integrates into existing production pipelines.
Supports common file formats and standards used in the industry.
is ideal for high-end visual effects, artistic animation, and virtual production. Its ability to render complex scenes with a high level of detail and realism makes it a favorite among entertainment industry professionals.

Additional Resources
Documentation: Detailed guides and tutorials are available on the Arnold and Autodesk websites.
Community and Support: Active community forums and professional support provided by Autodesk.
HTOA enables Houdini artists to create stunning visual effects and animations using the powerful Arnold renderer, making it an essential tool in the arsenal of today’s digital artists.

Suitable for versions



The license server is used on port 5053!!! That is, if you have Redshift RLM or Nuke RLM, then only one of them should work!! They will not all work together. Turn off the server of a specific program in advance, then turn on RLM Arnold Server.


1. Install
2. Run the RLM executable to place the Solidangle.lic file.

If you already have a running RLM server, simply copy the .lic and .set files to your RLM directory.
and reread/restart your server.

Note: You have two options to tell the Arnold plugin where your RLM server is running:

a) Create an environment variable: Solidangle_LICENSE=5053@localhost (change the port and server as needed)
b) Use the provided “solidangle_client.lic” file. Find ai.dll on Windows, on Linux, and libai.dylib on OSX in the plugin’s installation folder and copy the “solidangle_client.lic” file there (change the port and server as needed).

If you need additional help setting up RLM, please visit:

File Information

Program version:
Official website: link
Interface language: English
Treatment: included
Type of medicine: not required

System Requirements

Houdini, Houdini FX, Houdini Indie and Houdini Education
x86-64 processors must support SSE4.
GPU rendering only works on Windows and Linux and requires an NVIDIA GPU with Ada, Ampere, Turing, Volta, Pascal or Maxwell architecture. We recommend using driver version 525.89 or higher on Linux and driver version 528.49 or higher on Windows.

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