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24.0.1 Build 36
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24.0.1 Build 36
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Altium Designer Overview

Altium Designer is a comprehensive computer-aided design (CAD) system for radio-electronic equipment developed by the Australian company Altium. Previously, the same company developed the P-CAD CAD system, which gained extraordinary popularity among Russian printed circuit board designers. Altium Designer is a powerful system that allows you to implement electronic designs at the circuit or code level and then transfer the information to an FPGA or printed circuit board. A distinctive feature of the program is the design structure and end-to-end integrity of development at different design levels. In other words, design changes at the board level can be instantly transferred to the FPGA or circuit level and back again. Also, as a priority area for the developers of this program, it is worth noting the integration of ECAD and MCAD systems. Now the development of a printed circuit board is possible in three-dimensional form with bidirectional transfer of information to mechanical CAD systems (Solid Works, Pro/ENGINEER, etc.)

Altium Designer Features

  • Change thermal connection styles for pads and vias on the fly.
  • Discover how to easily route rigid and flex designs by following the countors of your board.
  • Improved features in Draftsman make creating your PCB fabrication and assembly drawings even easier.
  • Move components on your board without having to reroute them.
  • Organize your design exactly as you want with no layer restrictions.
  • Explore how Altium Designer makes it easy to define the materials in your layer stack.
  • Manage multiple impedance profiles for stripline, microstrip, single or differential pairs.

File Information:

Year/Date of Release : 2023
Version : 24.0.1 Build 36
Developer : Altium
Developer website :
Interface language : English
Tablet : present

System Requirements:

Windows 11 (64-bit only) or Windows 10 (64-bit bit only)

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